Monday, November 30, 2015


There I was, all set up and ready to take a Southern Living worthy pic of all the great inexpensive decorative Fall items I had found, and who had to go and get in the shot?  Reylan of course!  That man has a way of popping up whenever a camera is nearby!  Celeste and I are going to have to start locking him in his room if this keeps up!  Anyways, just peek around him at all the goodies I have found for you today! Nothing over $1L! And my outfit, hair and accessories were each under $10L!  Thriftaholic Mena strikes again! As always, anything over $10L is not listed in the credits below, but if you see something, just shoot me a line and I'll give you the deets.

A couple notes.  This hair from Little Bones is phenomenal!  You get 19...yes you read that right...19 full color huds!...for $1L!  Go get this now!  The dress I am wearing, I highly recommend wearing some leggings under it.  It's short, very short, as in my Grammy would have a fit, make sure you are wearing clean underwear kind of short!  I found some great leggings from my go to for affordable style, HOC Industries.  They worked great under the dress and my Grammy won't have to lecture me on things lady's don't do.

What I'm Wearing:
Hair - Little Bones - Scope Gift $1L

Make-up - R3i - ANY COLOR makeup set $8L

Dress - SimplyScha - Strapless Ruched Dress $1L

Leggings - HOC Industries - Shiny Mesh Leggings $10L

Necklace - SIMPLE - Leaf Necklace $1L

Pose - NOTBADFORAPOST - A Place I Go To $10L

What Reylan is Wearing:
Skin, Eyes, Shape and Brows - Une Belle Peau - Pluto V2. Gift $0L

Pose -  Poserz - Photobomb GT02, Group Gift $0L
He's wearing his own clothing and hair.

Decor Items:
Candles - *-*C-Outlet*-* - Melie Candles $10L

Pumpkin (front counter) - TB Fabrique - The Great Pumpkin $0L

Turkey - Eke's Junk Shop - taken and resized from the Micro Thanksgiving Holiday Feast Set

Hanging Banners, Conucopia, Wreath, Windchimes, Pumpkin (back counter) Welcome Mat (not seen) - All Free fom La Galleria

Gobble Gobble

Reylan and I decided to have a little fun before our dinner guests arrived.  Don't tell Grammy...she'll make us sit at the kid's table again!

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and for me that means being thankful for what I do have and being thrifty in my spending.  I love finding bargains, especially well made, quality bargains.  In fact with the exception of the casseroles, all the items in this picture, including my dress and Rey's t-shirt, are $10L or less.  Some items have been taken from other props and edited onto my own table.  That's the beauty of thrift shopping.  Finding something, even if it's part of another item, and making it into what you need.
See the credits below for more information.
*Note - Anything not 10L or less has not been listed, but if there is something you like, let me know and I will pass on the information.


Hair - Truth - Louisa, Current Group Gift 􀀃
Dress - Kawaii Tofu

T-shirt - Kellie's Krazy Tees

Sparrowtree Studio Poses

Tableware - Dekute Dekore

Candles - Lexlo Creations

Display Plates with Wall Rack - La Galleria - Gift

Turkey & plates of food - Friller Fine Furnishings - taken from the Thanksgiving Dining Set Freebie

Mashed potatoes & Gravy Boats - Omega Designz

Bread Basket - Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery

Casseroles - Eke's Junk Shop - taken and resized from the Micro Thanksgiving Holiday Feast Set

Pie - Indyra/Petite Maison

Hello and Thanks for Having Me!

Hey gals and guys...I'm Mena, and I'll be hijacking Aeva's blog from time to time to bring you some posts on the great bargains I find in SL.  Aeva is the one who got me into photography and encouraged me to try my had at blogging.  Hope you all enjoy!  First post will be up later today!


New Contributor

My friend Mena is trying to get into blogging and since I have one, I offered to let her use mine.
So welcome Mena!  She'll be blogging about the cool freebie/cheapie stuff you can find in SL.  Her style is similar to mine, which is why we get along!  LOL

Look for her posts to start soon!  She's hoping to become a blogger for Free*Style so I thought this would give her a good platform, and who knows...I might be inspired to try and finish off some blogging as well!