Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Trio of Delights

RL has been kicking my behind up one side and down the other and I was terribly behind in my postings.   I decided to set aside an evening of nothing but posties and piccies and buckled down, tore thru my closet and caught myself back up...yay!...*collapses and directs you to the pictures*

First up is St. Patrick's Blue and while I know my outfit is a tad off the swatch, it was as close as I could make it.  I had fun putting this outfit together and actually pulled in elements from 4 different outfits...I'm a mix and match champion!

What I'm Wearing
Top: Sn@tch - Velvet Tee in Blue
Skirt: Apple May Designs - Skirt from Rebel Dress in Green
Belt: MALT - Floral Suede Belt
Socks: League - Ella Socks & Garters in Lt. Brown
Boots & Cuffs: Addicta - Adnata Set in Graphite
Necklace: League - Coin Collector Necklace
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Honey
Hair: Exile - Audra in Nectar (color modded slightly)
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes

Next up Tea Green and guess what?....I'm wearing a sweater!...I know!...Shocker!...Aeva in a sweater dress, who'dve thought THAT would ever happen!  *bats eyes innocently!*

I love the soft knit of this sweater and how its perfect for when I want to curl up with a good book...or lay back and daydream about emo vampires named Edward.  Did I say that out loud?...*coughs*...credits please

What I'm Wearing
Dress: JRC - Sweater Dress in Mint
Shoes: N-Core - Chic in Green
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Honey 
Hair: Exile - Alyssa in Rouge
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails

And finally we have Royal Purple.  You might need to sit down for this one...I went a little crazy and out of the norm for me.  Not a sweater dress to be found anywhere even close by.  

This color just screamed for something sexy and wild and so I dug in the back recesses of my closet for my rarely used latex selections and shimmied my way into this sexy little number.  A pair of ballet boots had me dancing on my tippy toes as I swayed to the beats pulsing in the club add in some fun purple jewelry and a quick dye job and  *twirls* the Purple Passionista is ready to rock the club. RAWR!

What I'm Wearing-
Outfit: Sintimacy - Club Passion in Purple
Boots: *KaS* Designs - Ballet Boots
Jewelry: Zaara - Melange Bangles & Earrings in Purple
Skin: Pink Fuel - Alyx in Honey 
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Elvira in Purple
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Amazing Aquamarine!

I had the idea to do something a little different this week.  The color aquamarine is definitely one that was wowsa bright!, but I knew I had it in my inventory, lol.

I have always loved the old time Burlesque & Vaudeville era photos and lucky for me I had one in this week's color.  We won't mention I also have a few other colors too...*coughs*...I did say I like the theme after all.

This look was very easy to bring together at the outfit from Phoenix Rising has everything you need.  All I had to do was add a dashing top hat, some pretty jewels and a pair of classic black pumps and voila...abracadabra, The Amazing Aquamarine is here to perform for you.  Please remember to tip your waitstaff and try the veal...I'll be here all week!

What I'm wearing:
Costume: Phoenix Rising - Natasja's Seduction in Aqua
Shoes: - Dream Booties in Black
Hat: Curio Obscura - Free Top Hat (resized)
Jewelry: Izzie's Heart Set, Magpie 3 Bangle Set in Turquoise
Hair: Truth - Midori in Sangria
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Honey (Rockabilly) with Glam Lipstick Tattoo in Noir
Lashes: Beetlebones Mesh Lashes
Nails: Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dirty Side of Avocado

Well ok, so not really dirty...but it's the best title I could come up with!  Just look at the pretty pictures and ignore the title!...look see...pretty pictures...pretty pictures!

I hope that no one minds me putting in 3 pictures of the same outfit instead of one...I've been enjoying the last few months of Picnik while I can.

This outfit came together super super easy for me.  I searched my closet for avocado, not really expecting to find anything, but lo and behold...there was a romper and some tights from avocado!...huzzah!

I rifled thru my closet, looking for things to complete the outfit and this lovely suede skirt from G*Fields and a sweater shrug from VioMagic set the green off nicely...(yes yes I know...another sweater!...I missed my sweaters too much to stay away for long, dont be mad!)

I slipped on some fun green flats and voila...all done!  What do you think?  Do you like my Dirty Avocado?...heehee...sounds like a fun name for a band!

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater & Necklace: Vio*Magic - Cappuccino Outfit
Romper & Tights: JANE - Needful Things Romper and Lil Piggies Tights in Avocado
Flats: Elikatira - Flair Flats in Watermelon
Hair: Lelutka - Rain in Fire Top
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Honey(Spotted Love)
Rings: Star Shop - Flower ring & Faceted Ring from The Cinderella Hunt
Poses by !bang