Monday, January 16, 2012

Indigo, Indigo...wherefore art thou Indigo??

Ok so yes, my title's a bit odd this week...but if you'd gone thru the search I did in order to find the exact shade of indigo to match Luna's swatch AND my style, you'd totally get it!

See, when I started this challenge I said to myself...."self...we are going to try and use only what we have in our inventory, and if we have to buy something, it MUST be something we would actually wear again and that matches and shows who we are!!" 

I refuse to wear/buy something just because it is in the color for the has to be something that I actually like, something I would wear again.  I know I know...I'm making things harder for myself, but hey...I never said I was normal, lol.

After much browsing and searching, and finding more god awful items then I care to remember...I stumbled upon this totally cute dress from  I immediately knew it was the one and set about creating the look. 

The sleeves and skinny tie immediately set my mind a whirling to a retro 80s vibe and voila...Aeva the sexy librarian who listens to Duran Duran and <3's John Taylor was born!

Love it or Hate it?

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: - Reverie Dress in Indigo
Belt: - Lucid Belt in Black
Tights: Pixel Dolls - Black Fishnets from Knock Out Tutu dress
Boots: Decoy - Jully Boots in Onyx
Hair: - Tatum in Jealous Red (slightly modded to add a bit more red tone)
Bag: G*Fields - Black Heart Valentine Bag
Earrings: G*Fields - Black Heart Valentine Earrings
Glasses: artilleri - Gladys in Leo (Group Gift)
Bracelets(right): *Ticky Tacky* - Insomniac Bangles in Rude Girl
Bracelets(left): edge grafica - 37 bracelet in B&W


  1. You look great, good choice! And Aeva the sexy librarian has good taste in music!

  2. thanks Eliza!...i totally fell in love with this look!

  3. Sexy outfit and a pretty picture, good job!

  4. aw hi Aeva! Congrats new blog and thanks for posting! Aw.. is it me or do I see likely Iron candidates in the background?

    1. thanks Lau, and Im pleading the 5th on the items in the background...heehee

  5. you remind me of the nannny >>> cute look.. bye bye Nic

  6. lol...thanks Nic...I can assure you I dont have the irratating voice thou...ermm...well at least I think I can!

  7. Hey, Avea, congrats on your new blog! I totally love your style. Can you come work at one of our libraries? And Lau, good call on the background;)

  8. long as I can bring my Duran Duran music Im there Bourbon!

  9. Very cute! Love the nerdy look ;-)