Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aeva and the Art of Retrology

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together and a bit of help from a couple of friends who offered suggestions as the look was coming together...thank you, you know who you are!

This weeks look for me was all about going retro and finding things from my inventory that have stood the test of time.  See the dress I'm wearing this week...guess how old it is....go head...I'll wait.....
2011?..nopes...2009?'s from...2007!  In fact, just about half of my outfit is from 2009 or earlier.

Some might say there are very few things from SL in 2007 worth saving and for the most part you'd be right, but not this's a truly well made dress from a well known designer.  Heck, a trip thru the marketplace will show it to be better made than some things that were made within the past year.

And therein lies my modus operandi when shopping.  I always look for and buy well made pieces, pieces that I can wear again and again...and in the case of this dress....5 years later.  Sure, little of my inventory remains from my first year in SL, some of it was truly horrid, but there were gems to be found...even back then!  So always shop smart my fellow fashionistas!

(Note: I did edit this picture in PicMonkey and played with the exposure and effects and that is what caused the dark shadow on the clothing layer where the skirt panels meet the dress...I didn't catch that until after I had uploaded it)

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: ETD - Multistripe Dress in Aqua (2007)
Shirt: G*Fields - Lucy Lace Top in Ivory (2011)
Necklace: Falln - Little Boy Blue in Peach and Turquoise (2008)
Bracelets (Right hand): Swallowtail - Natural Cut Stone Bracelets in Turquoise (2008)
Hair: Truth - Samantha in Sangria (2009)
Skin: Redgrave - Mischa, Tan <Pink> (2008)
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes in Black (2012)
Nails: PixelMode -Sculpted Prim Nails (2012)
Bracelets (Left hand): Sigma - Siren Bracelet in Cobalt and Pink (2011)
Sunglasses: Kalnins - Crystal VIP Glasses (2008)
Shoes: Skifija - Kiss Kiss Sandals (recolored with HUD) (2011)
Tote Bag: Coco - Clear Tote Bag in Pink (2011)
Camera: Artilleri - Lumoflex Camera (2011)


  1. That dress is fab, even if it's older than most of my socks! Good job!

  2. How cute, I love the retro feel to the photo... SO CUTE!

    1. ty ty!...I LOVE how the photo came out all retro looking

  3. I still have some ETD and Last Call -- good design outlasts technical limitations. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

    1. absolutely! I still ahve some Last Call outfits too... they're a good testament to the fact that indeed good design can be done no matter the technical limitations

  4. Some things never go out of fashion. And I love the vintage-vibe of the picture :)

    1. TY Sama! I love the new PicMonkey site...great fun effects, makes me not miss Picnik so much!

  5. That's a great dress and I love the camera. It's a nice touch :)