Friday, February 3, 2012

Back Through the Looking Glass

I have a confession to make.  With the exception of a slight loop thrown by Week 3's electric indigo color, I've really not had a tough time with the colors so far.  Frankly I've quite enjoyed them!!

Alice in Wonderland has long been one of my favorite stories and so when I saw this week's color, my first impulse was to go full blown frills, ruffles, petticoats and bows.  But then I came up for air and thought...hmmm...what about if I take Alice back through the looking glass to her own time and she's all grown up now?  Maybe a young professional?...still with that air of innocence, but a grown-up now?

I found this sweater quite by accident.  I was out window shopping when I walked past it and my eyes were drawn immediately.  First. it's a sweater, and you all know my love for sweaters, second it was the most perfect shade of pale pale blue ever.  I didnt even bother browsing my inventory first to see if I already had something in Alice Blue...I bought the sweater on the spot and skipped home to create my look.

I've been doing dresses for the past few weeks and so I decided straight away that I wanted slacks for this look.  I admit it was not without its giggle inducing moments that decision.  I had to fight my natural gravitation towards skirts as I browsed my closet.  I'd say..."ooo..pretty skir...demmits...pants Aeva, pants...focus girl!"

I found this slightly vintage pinstriped pair from Coco in the perfect shade of grey in the back of my closet...perfect compliment to the sweater and really kept the look I was going for.

My favorite pair of peep toes from Maitreya and a few strands of blue pearls and I was ready for my trip.  The last item I grabbed were the silver glasses the Mad Hatter gave to me one day at our afternoon tea.  They are without a doubt my most prized possession and I cherish them most deeply.

What I'm Wearing
Sweater: Koketka - Emily Sweater in LIght Blue
Trousers: Coco - Pinstripe Pants in Gray
Shoes: Maitreya - Allegre colored Black & Tan
Glasses: La.Clare - Platine (I've had these for nearly 4 years!)
Necklace: Izzies - Pearl Jewelry in Blue
Ring: Toi et Moi
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orion in Rouge
Skin: Aura - Briar in Cream; Berlin Coloring, (VIP Group Gift)
Lashes, Freckles, Lipstick and Teeth Tattoos: Tuli
Nails: Izzies - French Nails


  1. I love your idea of bringing Alice back through the looking glass. Great professional look there. I hope the boss wouldn't hide her in some cubicle :P

  2. Very professional and chic, I dig this, the top and necklace are pretty!

  3. You look awesome. Great colour for you!

  4. Good story teller you are, uncommon muse!!!... may be an idea to make the follow-up of Alice in our hmmm wonderful(?) rl world?
    You as the new J.K Rowling...

  5. Feminine look -- maybe Alice would be an urban professional once she got over the headband phase?

    Jasmine Ballinger

  6. uhm looks like Alice stepped into..
    the Twilight Zone :P Adorable

  7. You really pulled of the "young professional" look. And you look really pretty as well:)

  8. I absolutely love your look. The sweater and the shoes are absolutely fabulous. I also really like your body shape.

  9. Love everything! You're absolutely gorgeous

  10. This is a gorgeous feminine outfit--I would totally wear that to work!